Collaborative Divorce

Using Collaborative divorce is a way to end your marriage without going to court, while providing you with legal and other necessary professional advice. In the

Collaborative Divorce Arizona

Collaborative Divorce

collaborative model, both parties get attorneys trained in the collaborative divorce process who are retained for settlement purposes only. Neither attorney can go to Court, pursuant to the agreement, and the parties agree to an honest exchange of information. There are no tricks, games or mudslinging that sometimes poison litigation. Instead, everyone is committed to resolving the divorce peacefully.

The full team approach in collaborative divorce also includes a coach (mental health professional) for each party to help the parties through the emotional aspects of the divorce, one financial specialist to help the parties with the financial decisions and divisions, and a child specialist, who provides the parties with an understanding of what is best for minor children. The children’s perspectives and needs are often not adequately considered in traditional litigation. Some people choose to just use certain professionals in their collaborative divorce, rather than the full team.

Collaborative divorce provides integrated services that educate, guide and support the divorcing couple in crafting an equitable and just resolution without threat of or resort to litigation

Alona M. Gottfried is trained in Collaborative Divorce Law. Alona is a member of the Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Arizona and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

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